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Just Fig Jam a 2012 Cuisine Artisan Award Winner

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Te Mata Figs “Just Fig Jam” was a 2012 Cuisine Artisan Award Winner in the ‘Jams, Preserves, Honey’ category.

Below is the article written by Cuisine;

After spending a number of years working in the corporate world in Sydney, New Zealanders Helen Walker and Murray Douglas started to feel a hankering for the good life.Casting about for a way to make a move home work, they hit upon the fresh figs they had come to love. “We’d never eaten fresh figs in New Zealand, so we thought it was an opportunity to make them more a part of our culture here,” says Helen.

The Hawke’s Bay-based Te Mata Figs now has around 20 different varieties – from the dark, crimson-hearted Brunoro Black (great with cheese) to the apple-shaped Preston Prolific (good for baking).

In January 2011, Helen decided she’d like to use some of the bounty to make preserves: the luscious Just Fig Jam was the glorious result.

Helen says she made about 35 batches of jam before she was happy with the result. The final product contains just 25 per cent sugar, allowing the figs to take centre stage.

“Smelling it is like you’ve just opened a ripe fig,” said one of our judges. “It’s a corker!” proclaimed another. The verdict was unanimous: Just Fig Jam tastes, well, just like figs. There’s none of that grittiness that some fig jams have –it’s a soft, jammy conserve with a glorious true fig flavour shining through.

Delicious on toast, Helen advises that the jam is also great as a condiment with lamb, stirred through yoghurt or ice-cream, or served on a cheeseboard.

To see this article on Cuisine’s website click here.

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