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Just Figs made into Jam

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Te Mata Figs grow 23 varieties of figs of which 13 varieties are in production! That has to make them experts in growing figs in New Zealand. They sell fresh figs and they make and sell Te Mata Just Fig Jam.

Have you noticed that fresh New Zealand made jams are nicer than the imported ones? Te Mata Just Fig Jam contains just figs, sugar and a lemon juice. That’s all. No numbered additives that leave you wondering, no chemical preservatives required for the imported brands to make it last the trip from Europe. So you can put a little jam on a biscuit with cheese and be utterly delighted. Try it on toast with butter or a bagel with cream cheese.

We looked forward to trying their fig jam purely for the fact that we were looking for something a little different. Figs growing in our gardens usually don’t make the distance as the birds are smarter than us at working out when they’re ripe and always get to them first. Te Mata Figs use bird netting and unlike home fig-growers they get to keep most of theirs.

Buy some Te Mata just Fig Jam to give to your best friends and make sure you try it as well. It’s lovely.

2 comments on “Just Figs made into Jam
  1. Leonie Munns on said:

    Could you please let me know where I can buy some fig jam. There is a lady in Auckland who has cancer and all she fancies to eat is fig jam.

    • Helen on said:

      Hi Leonie – thanks for your enquiry – check our stockists page or go to our online shop.
      Te Mata Figs

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