Food Safety, Quality and Sustainability

Food Safety, Quality and Sustainability are at the Heart of Te Mata Figs

Food Safety

Te Mata Figs operates under a New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) approved Food Control Plan which covers our fig growing, manufacture and sale of fig products.

External audits are undertaken by MPI accredited auditors.

In addition our figs are grown under an organic management system which is certified and audited by BioGro NZ We are fully certified organic for the domestic programme.

Te Mata Fig's BioGro New Zealand Certificate of Compliance

Te Mata Fig's MPI Notice of Registration



Te Mata Figs is committed to quality in all aspects of its operation.  Because we use figs for our products, we sell only the best quality figs fresh in season. 



Te Mata Figs is committed to sustainability in its land use, growing, manufacturing and packaging.  Our figs grow without any fertiliser, sprays or irrigation.  We use grass swards to encourage soil health and weed matting to reduce weeds.  Our products are manufactured without the use of artificial preservatives or additives.  We use recyclable cardboard packaging for fresh figs, and glass, paper and cellophane for our fig products wherever possible.