The Figgery Cafe & Shop

Bringing figs to life in everyday food along with local, seasonal ingredients.  It's all gluten free but you wouldn't know it!

Come join us at our cafe, enjoy great food, coffee and beautiful surroundings with your family, friends and colleagues, and of course stock up on all your favourite figgy products.  We also provide catering services.

OPEN: Monday - Friday 8am - 4 pm
              Saturday - Sunday 9:30am - 4pm
205 Napier Road, Havelock North   
Phone: 027 4764 777
Catering inquiries welcome
 Please phone or email for bookings of groups larger than 6


OUR MENU - All available to order for pick up

Available all day

Granola with Figs & Yoghurt ($12.5)  GF, V (DF option)
Our almond, fig & hemp toasted granola, served with roast pear, mixed berry compote, yoghurt and milk of your choice

Hemp & Fig Porridge ($12.5)  GF, DF, VG
Hemp heart, almond & coconut porridge – hemp hearts, flaxseed, almonds, chia seeds, fig powder, cacao nib, coconut, cinnamon- served with roast pear, mixed berry compote and milk of your choice – morning goodness

Little Ones Happy Box ($9)  GF
Small toasted cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, seasonal fruit, hummus, cookie and small juice drink

Cabinet Food

Brunch/Lunch: (available 9:30am-2pm)

French Toast  ($19.5)  GF
Seasonal fruit, blueberry compote, house made ricotta, bacon, and nut crumble (almond & walnut) on our house made french toast drizzled with maple syrup, dusted with icing sugar

Smashed Avo ($19.5)  GF  
Avocado served on our toasted grain & seed bread topped with feta, greens and mixed seeds, drizzled with Caramelised Fig Balsamic & olive oil

ADD bacon ($5.5) or hot smoked salmon ($6.5) to your smashed avo

Wellness Bowl ($22.5)  GF (DF, VG)  
A delightful nutritious dish celebrating local seasonal freshness curated by our chef with your choice of salmon, bacon, chicken, falafel or haloumi

Fig & Haloumi Salad ($22.5)  GF 
Semi-dried figs, haloumi and bacon served on baby spinach leaves drizzled with Caramelised Fig Balsamic & olive oil, sprinkled with hemp hearts, walnuts and toasted seeds

Bruschetta ($19.5)  GF, V 
Buffalo mozzarella, tomato, olives and pesto on our toasted ciabatta served with salad greens drizzled with Caramelised Fig Balsamic & olive oil

Salmon Rosti ($22.5)  GF
Fig molasses baked salmon on a potato & herb rosti topped with avocado, caper & dill cream cheese, red onion and seasonal greens drizzled with Caramelised Fig Balsamic & olive oil

Antipasto Platter For Two – House ($42.5)  GF
Fig Molasses baked salmon, chef’s selection of cold meats, buffalo mozzarella, tomato, brie, Fig Paste, caper & dill cream cheese, marinated olives, gherkins, toasted walnuts, beetroot hummus, pesto, dukkah, toasted house-made breads and seeded crackers, Caramelised Fig Balsamic & olive oil and Salame di Fichi

Antipasto Platter For Two – Vegan  ($42.5)  GF, DF, VG
Falafel, potato & herb rosti, dolmades, dairy free cheddar, white bean tabbouleh, tomato, marinated olives, carrot & fig medley, toasted walnuts, raddish, gherkins, beetroot hummus, pesto, dukkah, toasted house made grain & seed bread and seeded crackers, Caramelised Fig Balsamic & olive oil and Salame di Fichi


Cabinet Food: (available all day)

Our selection of savoury and sweet cabinet and counter food changes regularly 


Steak & cheese pie ($10.5) GF   ADD salad ($3.5)

Fig, walnut & blue cheese pizza ($9.5) GF   ADD salad ($3.5)

Bacon & brie quiche ($9.5) GF    ADD salad ($3.5)     

Roast pepper, spinach, caramelised onion & feta quiche ($9.5)  GF, V   ADD salad ($3.5)

Tuscan melt - cheese, salami, capsicum & pickle ($6.5)  GF   ADD salad ($3.5)

Smoked chicken, brie, fig mostarda & spinach bagel ($9.5) GF ADD salad ($3.5)

Bacon & cheese bagel ($9.5)  GF   ADD salad ($3.5)

Lebanese vegetarian pasty ($9.5)  GF, V  ADD salad ($3.5)



Fig & lemon curd tart ($8.5)  GF,V

Salted chocolate tart ($8.5)  GF,V

Figgy cashew cheesecake ($6.5)  GF,DF,VG

Figgy ginger crunch ($5.5)  GF,V

Chocolate caramel slice ($5.5)  GF,DF,VG

Fig, hemp & tahini slice ($6.5)  GF,DF,VG

Figgy loaf ($6.5)  GF,V

Fig & almond cake ($6.5)  GF,V

Carrot cake ($6.5)  GF, V

Fig, walnut & chocolate cookie ($4.50)  GF, V


Baking - Fresh Daily

Our selection of baking changes regularly:

Cheese scones –  ($4.5)  GF, V

Muffins - fig & chocolate; fig, vanilla & cream cheese; fig, orange & cardamom; spiced apple & fig; banana, fig & ginger; fig, raspberry & white chocolate; fig & blueberry ($5)  GF, V


Breads - baked fresh daily

Italian style white loaf ($10)  GF, V

The Figgery Grain & seed bread ($10)  GF, DF, VG